This year’s 70th Anniversary of D-Day was an incredible event with many people travelling from all over the world to pay their respects to those heroes who gave us our liberty.

The French people made us proud by putting on a series of commemorative events, re-enactments and church services, which has inspired many people to go away and learn more.

Apart from meeting the Veterans and seeing people enjoying the beaches (which is of course the biggest complement of all to Veterans),  I think that for myself and our photographer, Dave Vickers, one of the most moving moments of all came on the 7th June 2014 when we attended the ceremony at the German cemetery.

We witness the most incredible seen - After the ceremony a German Nun was talking with a number of Allied Veterans, when she leaned forward, kissed and hugged a Veteran from 101st Airborne, held his hands and said, " thank you, you also liberated my country" .

This moment will stay with me forever..........Eric Le Doux - Turnbull



Photographs taken by Dave Vickers.

Dave Vickers is a London based photographer who works for magazine and corporate clients, across the UK and Europe.

To view more of his work or get in touch please visit or follow him on Twitter at @davejvickers.