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On 7th August 1944, this small village became the focus of a German counter attack personally orderd by Hitler.  Operation Luttich (as the attack was called) was ordered with the intention of splitting the American Forces.  The Germans needed control of the road network around Mortain so allowing a drive to Avranches on the coast.

The Germans managed to capture the village, but did not gain control of the roads, due to the artillery fire from  The 120th Regiment of the 30th Infantry division on Hill 314.  The Germans continued to attack and fierce fighting ensued.  This situation continued until the morning of 12th August, when troops from the 35th Infantry Division arrived.

The heroic stand of the 30th American Infantry Division at Mortain made a tremendous contribution to the Allied Victory in France.

Today Mortain is steeped in history and a popular site for visitors.  You can visit the memorials and plaques dedicated to the 30th American Infantry Division eg. Le Petit Chapel Hill 314.  Also many walkers come to visit the Grande and Petite Cascades, set in the heart of Mortains rocky landscape.  This area provides marked paths around the falls and is a wealth of natural beauty

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Photographs 1 & 3 taken by Dave Vickers, Photocoordinates