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Omaha Beach

The landing on Omaha Beach of the 1st Infantry division (The Big Red one) and the 29th Infantry division on D Day proved to be the most costly of all the landings in Operation Overlord. This was due to the natural defensive terrain and the fact that none of the German defensive positions had been knocked out by either the aerial or naval bombardments.

The Germans waited in their excellent defensive positions for the troops to arrive on the beach before opening fire, causing thousands of casualties on D Day morning. The battle for “Bloody Omaha” is well documented and portrayed in “The Longest Day and “Saving Private Ryan” with Tom Hanks.

Musee Memorial d’Omaha Beach

Today you can visit the Memorial museum at St Laurent sur Mer, which is located just behind Omaha Beach. The museum shows an informative collection of uniforms, weapons & vehicles and through photographs and film, guides you through the D Day landings

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  • Omaha Beach
Photographs 1 & 3 taken by Dave Vickers, Photocoordinates