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Ste Mere Eglise

This old cattle market town was made famous in the film “The Longest Day”, when Red Buttons who played Private John Steele landed on the church steeple during the night of 5th – 6th June 1944.

John Steele landed on the church belfry and hung there for several hours until he was cut down by the Germans.  Ken Russell also landed on the church, but managed to release himself from his parachute

The old Caen / Cherbourg highway ran through the square and was the key objective for the 82nd on D Day.  With paratroopers of the 505th regiment landing in and around the square on D Day morning.

Led by Colonel Krause, 3rd Battalion 505th regiment, Ste Mere Eglise was the first town to be liberated by US paratroopers. Col. Krause raised the American Flag above the Mairies building in the early hours of D Day.

Ste Mere Eglise is now home to the excellent Airborne Museum. The museum is spread over 2 halls with a superb collection of artefacts from the Screaming Eagles (101st Airborne) and All American (82nd Airborne).

You can also see an original C47 and explore a Waco Glider.

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  • Ste Mere Eglise
Photographs 1 & 3 taken by Dave Vickers, Photocoordinates