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Utah Beach

Utah Beach was the most western landing beach under Operation Overlord.

The American Landings on Utah Beach were spearheaded by 8th Regiment, 4th Infantry Division who after landing moved quickly up over the beach to neutralise the German defences.  The troops then pushed in land and linked up with American Paratroopers from the 101st Airborne.

Utah Beach was the most successful of the Allied Landings with the least amount of casualties on D Day.

General Theodore Roosevelt Jnr, son of President Theodore Roosevelt was the first Allied General Officer to come ashore in the Normandy Beach head at Utah Beach. He was an inspiration to his troops and quickly assessed the situation and brought the follow on waves in front of WN5.

His famous words “We’ll start the war from here” were echoed in the film £The Longest Day”.

Musee de Debarquement Utah Beach

Opposite Utah Beach is the Musee de Debarquement which uses archives to retell the American landings and preserve the memory of those that landed on Utah Beach.

In 1962 the museum was the creation of Michel de Vallavieille, Mayor of Ste Marie du Mont.  The museum was opened inside the old German bunker (WN5) and today is the symbolic centre of the museum.

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Photographs 1 & 3 taken by Dave Vickers, Photocoordinates