Places of Interest

Longues sur Mer

Longues sur Mer was the home to German coastal artillery battery which sat  high on the cliffs between Gold and Omaha Beach. It was one of the first batteries to open fire on D Day morning...

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Memorial of Coudehard - Montormel

Between Chambois and Vimoutiers, in the exact location where Memorial is situated today, the ultimate and most bitter battle of Normandy took place, from August 18th to 22nd, 1944....

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Merville Battery

The Merville Battery was on the east side of the River Orne, overlooking Sword Beach.  The capture of this battery was the 6th Airborne divisions second ”coup du main” operation...

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Mont St Michel

Mont Saint Michel, is a marvel of the Western World, was founded over 1300 years ago when the Archangel Saint Michael appeared at the summit of a rocky islet and called for a sanctuary to be...

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On 7th August 1944, this small village became the focus of a German counter attack personally orderd by Hitler.  Operation Luttich (as the attack was called) was ordered with the intention of...

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Musee de la Batterie de Crisbecq - St Marcouf de Isle

St Marcouf de Isle was one of the largest coastal batteries located on Utah Beah.  There was 21 blockhouses linked by over 1km of trenches.  Today you can visit the hospital, kitchens adn...

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Photographs 1 & 3 taken by Dave Vickers, Photocoordinates