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Omaha to St Lo 1 Day Tour

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  • 1 day
  • 8 people maximum
  • mandatory reservation
1-2 pers : 525 €    3-4 pers : 550 €
5-6 pers : 575 €    7-8 pers : 600 €

Omaha to St Lo 1 Day Tour

Following the 29th ID as they breakout from Omaha Beach, link up with the 2nd Ranger battalion at Pointe du Hoc, then advance through The hedgerows of Normandy to the capture of St Lo

Having Landed on the westside of Omaha Beach the 29th Division and their supporting units broke out of their beachhead, along the coast went the 5th Rangers and 116th Regiment, the 175th Regiment towards the Vire river and Isgny sur mer to link with V11 Corps and secure their western flank on the Vire river. The 115th pushed south to cross the flooded Aure valley. The 116th Regiment once having secured Grandcamp would follow the Division south coming in on the left flank of the 115th Regiment.

The 2nd Infantry would push down on their left flank and the 1st Infantry on their left flank, linking with the British 2nd Army outside Bayeux and heading for the crossroads town of Caumont l’Evente.

This tour will take you through the main actions as the 29th Division and support units, fight through the Bocage hedgerow terrain of Normandy , Cross the Elle river and fight their way south against the retreating German units, 352 Div and 726 Reg. As the Germans struggle to rush reinforcements into the battlefield the Allied advance slowed in the Bocage through determined German defence.

The 29th Division finally entered St Lo on the 18th July , support by the 30th, 35th & 2nd Infantry Divisions was crucial .

“The City of Ruins” Major Howie’s Coffin wrapped in the American flag was laid to rest on the ruins of the church Ste Croix. Major Thomas Howie 3rd Batt, 116th Regiment promised to be the first in St Lo. “ See you in St Lo”

Following is a suggested itinerary of sites to stop at.


  • 5th Ranger Battalion pushes west to Pointe du Hoc
  • Sgt Frank Peregory 116th Regt, Medal of Honor actions
  • At Grandcamp
  • 115th Regt crossing of the River Aure. Lt Kermitt Miller Dsc.
  • Ambush of the 2nd Battalion 115th Regt at le Carrefour des Vignes
  • Crossing the River Elle to St Clair sur Elle
  • German counteract on the 115th Reg 11th July
  • 2 ID attack on Hill 192, the key to St Lo
  • St George sur Elle
  • 116th Regt advances along the Martinville ridge
  • 29th ID enter St Lo
  • Tour of St Lo
  • Major Howie Memorial