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Tour Timings

Tours starting in Bayeux . Pick up at 09.00 h returning to Bayeux for 17.30 h.
For pick ups in Caen and outside Bayeux. Pick up at 09.00 h return for 17.30 h

Train Travel to Normandy

Here is the link to the French railway company international homepage where you can find schedules and book your ticket:


As places on our tours are limited, bookings are made on a first-come - first-served basis. Please complete the online b ooking form. We will advise of availability, price and deposit where applicable. Once you have agreed to the tour suggestion and price we will send out a confirmation by email or posted letter. Your tour with us will then be secure.

Payments - Tours

I accept payments by bank transfer or cash on the tour date in Euros cash .Bank transfer payments must be made at least 3 days before the tour date. In an emergency we also accept cash in US Dollars and GB Pounds, at the day’s exchange rate plus an 10% surcharge. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OR TRAVELLERS CHEQUES IN US DOLLARS . We do not pay Travel Agent Commission fees


Upon receipt of the deposit (where applicable) or your agreement to the booking we shall send you a booking confirmation, and if any, details of the balance due, which must be paid directly to your driver on meeting him. Upon receipt of an e-mail or other correspondence from the person organising the trip (including any 3rd party i.e. a Travel Agent), stating that this confirmation document was received, we consider that you and all the members of the party have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions

Cancellation Charges

  • Period of notice :                Charge: 

    Cancel 60 days or more      100% of deposit returned to you
    Cancel 59 days – 30 days    50% of deposit returned to you
    Cancel less than 30 days     Non refundable deposit
The above cancellation charges are applicable only if you have paid a deposit or have paid in advance the full cost of the tour.
Please note: where you have not paid a deposit and are paying on the day, you are liable to the following charges it you do not take the tour

7 days – 48hrs notice given prior to the tour taking place: 50% of your fee
Less than 48hrs notice given prior to the tour taking place: 100% of your fee
This fee needs to be paid directly to your guide or left at your accommodation reception or bank to bank transfer, by prior agreement. 

You and all members in your group should always ensure that you have suitable travel insurance to provide cover, in the event you have to cancel your booking. If we have to cancel your booking we will try to give you as much notice as possible and where possible offer an alternative date, alternative tour company or refund your deposit. We will not compensate in the event of cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control eg. war, threat of war, terrorist activity, natural disasters, extreme adverse weather conditions etc or in the event we have to cancel due to you not paying the balance of the fee. If after leaving us your journey home is delayed or cancelled it is your responsibility to find suitable accommodation and travel arrangement at your cost.

Timings - Tours

For a Private Tour, using a driver / guide and our vehicle, we will wait at the agreed meeting place for 30 minutes after the stated departure time. If after that period you have not shown up or informed us by telephone that you are running late we reserve the right to cancel the tour. The duration of a private 1 day tour is usually around 8/9 hours (or less if you prefer). There is no mileage limit on our tours, but we do expect to be able to return to wherever the tour commenced by 5.30pm for a tour starting at 8.30am. However due to circumstances out of our control we may arrive back later.

½ day tours: Our morning tours start at 8.30am if picking up in Bayeux and ends at 12.30pm. Our afternoon tours start at 1.30pm if picking up in Bayeux and end at 5.30pm. However, we can be flexible to accommodate train times etc. We can also end the tours in a different place to where you were originally met if logistically possible.

Pick Ups

Your pick up point is as agreed in all previous correspondence. Our quoted price is for a tour starting and ending at the same place unless otherwise stated and agreed.

Be Prepared

Please remember you shall be visiting areas that possible exist on rough terrain. Normandy weather is unpredictable, so please dress appropriately for an outside walking tour. You will need a waterproof jacket and comfortable walking shoes. We suggest layering your clothes in case you are too hot or too cold. Do not bring umbrellas as they are useless in windy weather on the beaches. A waterproof hat is more appropriate.

Please note that no consumption of food, drink or sweets is permitted in the vehicle


On a Private Tour any museum fees are payable by yourselves. Fees are not included in our prices. Whether or not you visit any of the museums along the route you have selected is entirely up to you. Our guides are not allowed to give guided tours inside museums.

Beyond our Control

D Day Landing Tours accepts no liability for any of the following: unscheduled Museum closures (inc. closed sections), bad weather at sites, roadworks, traffic delays, and sites that are closed to the public for whatever reason beyond our control. We also reserve the right to cancel your tour at anytime for reasons of: staff illness/vehicle breakdowns/weather etc. In such an event you will be offered an alternative tour or date if at all possible.

Accidents- Tours

All our clients are fully insured whilst travelling in our minibus in the event of a traffic accident. You are required to wear a seat belt at all times while in the minibus, and at no time is the drinking of alcohol permitted whilst on board. We highly recommend that you take out personal injury / accident insurance whilst travelling abroad.

Personal Property

For the duration of your tour, it is important to understand that our company insurance does not cover the theft of your items or belongings from our passenger vehicle. This is in part due to the fact that several of the places we visit have specific warnings, advising against leaving valuables in vehicles, and there are unfortunately numerous break-ins to tourist vehicles during the summer. Although our minibuses have central locking, we nevertheless advise you to leave your luggage in your hotel, and to travel light with us.

Your Responsibilities

You must have a valid passport to travel. If driving in France you must bring the originals of your driver's licence, insurance certificate and registration document and carry them with you at all times. It is a legal requirement in France to carry these papers with your car.

Obtain and carry at all times an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or an equivalent Worldwide cover Insurance card. This will be required in the event that you need medical treatment. Failure to do so will leave you liable for hefty medical expenses. You or anyone travelling in your party should arrange suitable travel insurance to cover cancellation of the holiday and repatriation in the event of illness or accident.

You and everyone travelling in your group must be fully co-operative with your tour guide and in case of emergency does as he or she asks you to do.

Our Responsibilities

We shall honour the tour itinerary to the best of our ability. However, we cannot be held responsible for anything that is beyond our control e.g. the closure of attractions / museums or the lack or unavailability of amenities. In the case an itinerary change every effort will be made to find a suitable alternative to fulfil your tour. In the event of an accident the appropriate course of action will be taken.

Hotels & B&B

Bayeux and Caen are the two main towns around. There are many different Hotels and B&B’s 

In all price ranges. Following are a few suggestions I recommend


You can find many hotels and B&B’s on the Bayeux Tourist office website


You can find many place on the Caen tourist office site

Tours in Paris

Tours in Paris.
D-Day Landing tours highly recommends  Sacrebleu Paris, for bespoke Paris tours. Contact Stephanie, make your visit, a trip of your lifetime.

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